The Story of WorldBound Learning Projects


In 2015, we noticed that smaller colleges and universities encounter difficulty starting and administering international programs of their own.

  • They do not have experienced personnel to operate a study abroad office.
  • They do not have contacts abroad.
  • They are afraid of losing students' tuition.
  • They are concerned about partnering with someone who does not share their goals and culture.
  • They want ownership of their study abroad program.


WorldBound bridges these gaps: 

  • We have experience: WorldBound has successfully managed the challenges of study abroad programs for over a decade, and for over 1,000 students.
  • We have contacts abroad: We develop and maintain relationships abroad.
  • We care about your financials: We know the financial concerns posed by study abroad programs and have implemented strategies to satisfy both administrators and students. 
  • We support your mission: WorldBound gives priority to your college's mission and campus culture.
  • We want you to shine: We work under the umbrella of your institution so that students have a seamless educational experience. 


Our mission is to provide affordable, life-changing and academically engaging international education solutions to institutions of higher education, serving students and administrators alike in their desire to learn on a global scale and to build relationships among people.