WorldBound Learning Projects began in 2015 as a simultaneous response and anticipation of the academic and developmental needs of institutions of higher education.


We noticed that smaller colleges and universities often have difficulty starting and administering international programs of their own. As a result of this difficulty, institutions either go without offering study abroad or enter into consortia that require them to forgo student tuition.


Because small colleges often do not have the critical mass to set up a study abroad office and develop their own programs, we have developed a solution:


WorldBound assists colleges and universities in designing and administering study abroad programs that fit their individual missions and goals at an affordable cost for the institution as well as for students.Tailored study abroad programs of quality academically enrich students, support their partner institutions, and create the opportunity for dialogue among people so as to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures and ways of living.


Our mission is to provide affordable, life-changing, and academically engaging international education solutions to institutions of higher education, serving students and administrators alike in their desire to learn on a global scale and to build relationships among people.