WorldBound program design includes:

  • Tailoring a program to fit a college’s needs and goals;
  • Developing a program budget and financial plan to meet the college’s goals;
  • Establishing and leading project work team;
  • Managing project timeline and activities;
  • Defining learning goals and academic focus;
  • Designing program structure;
  • Identifying location and local partners;
  • Finalizing partnerships and contracts;
  • Managing project implementation;
  • Coordinating across college departments.

The easy way many small colleges offer their students the opportunity to study abroad is to simply allow them to enroll in study abroad programs administered by external providers. Following this method, colleges not only forgo their students’ tuition, but also hand their students’ education over to an external organization's standards, which may or may not coincide with the institution’s learning goals.


At WorldBound, we believe that a good study abroad program is the result of a process where all relevant participants are involved in a team work aimed at creating the best study abroad program for that specific institution. WorldBound selects unique partners who match the expectations of the home institution so as to give their students the best options for a cross-cultural, life-changing experience overseas.


The benefits of working with us include an increase in student retention, notable faculty development, the achievement of learning goals and a boost to college enrollment due to the availability of well-known and trusted study abroad programs.