Benedictine College, a WorldBound client, is located in Atchison, KS. The college started a faculty-led semester study abroad program in Florence, Italy in 2006 with an undergraduate enrollment of 1,271 full-time students. Enrollment has grown consistently to reach 2,100 in 2015-2016. Study abroad has been featured by the admission office as one of the great opportunities students have when they join Benedictine.


An internal survey conducted in 2010 asked students about the importance of a study-abroad program in their college decision-making process.

  • 12.6% of the participants indicated that they would not have come to this school if it did not have a study abroad program.
  • 33.5% said that study abroad was very important in their decision.
  • 35.2% responded that it was somewhat important.
  • 10.4% of the participants indicated that study abroad had minor importance in their decision.
  • 8.2% indicated that it was not important to them at all whether the college had a study abroad program or not.

Tolomei Cultural Institute is an Italian language and culture school located in Settignano, Tuscany, a village in the hills overlooking Florence. Students learn Italian while exploring the beautiful landscapes, cultural, artistic and literary heritage that is imbued in the Italian civilization.


Emerald Cultural Institute, located in Ireland, the UK, and the USA has been providing English language development to youth and professionals alike for over twenty-five years. Emerald develops its students culturally and has worked with a variety of students from over 50 countries. Students from Benedictine College spent their first semester ever on the Emerald campus in Dublin Fall, 2016.

Humanitas University is an international medical school in Milan built alongside the renowned Humanitas Research Hospital, one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe which also serves as a case study for the Harvard Business School's organizational model. Humanitas trains globally oriented medical doctors through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with their clinical and research communities. Humanitas University is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, is certified for quality by Joint Commission International, and offers a 6-year university program taught entirely in English.

Viajes San Cecilio in representation of the educational institutions of the Archdiocese of Granada, Spain, including the Instituto de Filosofía Edith Stein, Instituto de Teología Lumen Gentium, Centro de Estudios Superiores "La Inmaculada", Centro Internacional para el Estudio del Oriente Cristiano and Instituto Laudato Si'